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What is DVTD?

We're a full marketplace, devoted to making a difference!

Shop our marketplace of unforgettable products and gifts where every purchase you make gives back to multiple organizations.

How it Works

Every time you order, no matter the product, DVTD gives back to one of our selected charities. Plus, every product has a specific cause that it supports, so you can serve multiple missions with just one purchase.

Bless this little nest (Baby & Children)

In 1977 two sisters had a dream to start a baby bedding and gift company while still raising their children. Being a good mom and having a career at the same time was not an easy task, but 43 years and 3 generations later that dream is still going strong. Today having been in retail and manufacturing we provide a high quality on trend product with safety and comfort in mind. Our mission has always remained the same- Honor God and our families while providing our customers a high quality product and service made in the USA. Being in the infant industry we have chosen a mission that is close to our heart, Living Hope Solutions.

Gobena (Coffee)

Inspired by the selfless community-mindedness of a 70-year old farmer who rescued an infant who would eventually become their adopted daughter, Steve and Danea Lehman founded Gobena Coffee as a way to invest in the lives of orphan children worldwide.

Gobena Coffee (named after the farmer) works with local farmers to source the highest quality coffee in a way that is both sustainable and ensures fair pay and work standards in the local community.

In addition to this commitment to transparency and direct trade, 100% of Gobena’s net profits are reinvested into supporting orphan children through a partnership with the nonprofit organization, Lifesong for Orphans.

Through this partnership with Lifesong, as well as working with organizations like The Forgotten Initiative, who raises funds to support foster care workers and adoptive families, Gobena Coffee’s slogan, “Go Make A Difference” is being accomplished with every bag of coffee they sell.

Hippy Feet (Socks)

Designed as a way to combat homelessness in young people ages 16-24 Hippy Feet creates socks and apparel products that provide employment opportunities that overlook the traditional barriers that limit homeless youth from finding consistent forms of employment.

Based in Minneapolis, Hippy Feet provides transitional employment to young people through a program called Pop-Up Employment which creates jobs via their packaging, screen printing, and embroidery operations. We bring these jobs directly to the young people we aim to serve

Hippy Feet’s mission is to play a pivotal role in positioning young people into stable housing and transition them into full-time employment elsewhere by providing income, opportunity, and job training in a way that is both earned and respects human dignity.

Hand to Hand ( Health & Beauty)

After reading in an article that a staggering 5 million children die each year from water-borne illness and that up to 45% of these deaths could be prevented by simple hand washing, Hand in Hand founders Bill Glaab & Courtney Apple knew they had to help. They decided to create a household product that could also save lives and Hand in Hand Soap was born!

By partnering with the worldwide child advocacy group, My Neighbor's Children, Hand in Hand focuses 100% of their in-kind donations to the most at-risk children in Haiti. To date, Hand in Hand has donated over 8 million bars of soap and has been able to build or help repair local wells that provide clean water to thousands of people across Haiti.

Additionally, Hand in Hand soap is committed to creating “sustainable suds” - created using socially responsible practices, Hand in Hand soaps are all-natural, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.